Euregionaal theaterproject




In the WinterProject, which runs from September till approx. April, schools from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany work together on a multilingual Greek tragedy.

In June, prior to the start of the WinterProject, a kick-off meeting will be held for all coaches of the participating schools. In this meeting more specific agreements for the upcoming WinterProject will be made and the rehearsal weekends and performances will be planned.

On a Saturday in September the project starts with a one day kick off for the participants. The art director works with all the participants and at the end of the day it will be clear who will be playing which part in the play. The aim is that all the languages are equally represented.

The rehearsals will take place during three rehearsal weekends. Usually the rehearsals are being held in Maastricht. The students, accompanied by their coaches, will come to Maastricht on Saturday and Sunday and work on the play, learn their text and get to know their fellow actors. In between the weekends our art director may decide on a number of individual rehearsals at the different schools. And at the end, the weekend before the performances there will be a dress rehearsal.

Students can participate either as an actor or a musician. The orchestra will join the group at the third weekend and the dress rehearsal. In advance they will get the parts so they can start studying at home.

And then we will start the tour.

What the participating school may expect from Aischylos and what Aischylos expects from the participating schools has been described in this Project Manual.