About Aischylos


Aischylos is a collaboration of schools from different European countries. Its aim is to unite students from all over Europe by letting them work together on the adaptation and performance of multilingual Greek tragedies. The distinguishing characteristic being that each student can perform in his or her own mother tongue.

By actually working together on a stage play, a true integration and interaction is brought about between students from different countries and cultures. The interactions of today will benefit these students later in life in their contact with Europeans from all over Europe

The days are over in which the European countries exist as separate countries next to each other. With its activities, Aischylos strives to lay the foundations with the students to spread and implement the European ideal.

Every year Aischylos organises a WinterProject in the Maas-Rhine Euregion and once every two years a SummerProject in Pylos, Greece (during the summer holidays). We invite European schools – including your school- to join our European theatre projects.



A lot of schools have joined our project since 2002

Athénée Royal ‘Air Pur’ de Seraing (BE)
Athénée Royal de Chênée (BE)
Athénée Royal de Visé (BE)
Augustinianum Eindhoven (NL)
Eniaio Lykeio Pylos (GR)
Europaschule Langerwehe (DE)
Europaschule Herzogenrath (DE)
Graaf Huyn College Geleen (NL)
Grotius College Heerlen (NL)
Het College Weert (NL)
Het Kwadrant Weert (NL)
Königliches Atheneum Eupen (BE)
Sint-Maartenscollege Maastricht (NL)
Sintermeerten Heerlen (NL)
Sophianum Gulpen (NL)
Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven (NL)
viio humaniora Tongeren (BE)
Waldschule Eschweiler (DE)
United World College (INT)

The core team of the Aischylos Projects:

Sjeng Verheijden                                      Ingrid van der Pal                                        Maarten Grond                                           Ingrid Lezwijn
Art director                                                International relations                                 Project leader                                             Costumes and photography